Carpet has so many things going for it. It’s soft, safe, warm, and quiet. It’s stain resistant and gives excellent value for the price – and it’s proven to trap allergens and dander (which can easily be removed with the right vacuum used regularly).

We offer a large selection of wall-to-wall carpet from the best known manufacturers (domestic and international), made from a wide variety of fibers such as, wool, silk, and other natural fibers – and also synthetic fibers.

Custom Area Rugs

A room’s “fifth wall,” the floor, can showcase dramatic area rugs that are so breathtaking in color and design, they’re like works of art. And rugs can change the feel of a space in minutes – so you can do a room makeover on your lunch hour. Rugs look great layered over carpet or adding warmth and color to hardwood, laminate, resilient-vinyl, and tile. We also offer carpet/stair runners. We serve the greater DC Metro area and beyond.

Stair Runners

Choose from hundreds of styles and colors already made as runners, or we can fabricate runners to fit and meet your your exact requirement.


Hardwood and exotic imported woods are the hottest materials in flooring today. Oak in both white and red is still the most popular of the flooring species. For new construction and floor renovations traditional favorites like birch, maple, cherry, and walnut are frequently used. For these customary hardwood floors, many customers now want wider planks than the traditional 2″ or 2 1/2″ wide planks to achieve an irregular, casual look. In addition to standards such as oak, exotic cousins are quickly coming to the forefront of the hardwood scene.

Luxury Vinyl

Water resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean, luxury vinyl planks and tile flooring is an ideal option for kitchen, bath and any high moisture area, such as basements as well as your entire living space. We offer a wide selection of LVT flooring. Please visit our showroom.