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We carry all major brands – here are a few…

With over 80 years of experience, Couristan is a renowned name in the flooring industry. For a comprehensive listing of their exceptional products, visit their website.

Design Materials Inc. is a leading manufacturer specializing in exquisite wall and flooring tiles. For a comprehensive listing of their products and more information about their eco-conscious initiatives, please visit their website

Since its inception in 2003, Dixie Home has experienced remarkable growth and an ever-growing demand for its exceptional products.  Explore their website to discover the extensive range of their extraordinary offerings.

Fabrica, the leading international carpet and rug manufacturer, crafts exquisite products tailored for the discerning high-end residential market. Explore their mesmerizing collection of broadloom carpets, custom area rugs, and hand-tufted masterpieces on their website

Fibreworks skillfully weaves together a captivating assortment of natural fibers, crafting an unparalleled collection of broadloom carpet and custom bordered area rugs. Dive into their website to discover a treasure trove of products and delve deeper into the fascinating world of these exquisite materials.

Glen Eden stands out as a remarkable producer of exquisite quality wool carpets. For a deeper dive into their captivating collections, visit their website and uncover a world of exceptional craftsmanship.

Discover Kaleen’s exquisite collection of Broadloom and PureLife rugs, where style meets comfort. Explore their website to unveil a world of captivating possibilities!

For more than 140 years, Masland has been passionately crafting exquisitely designed and vibrantly colored rugs and carpets. Discover their full range of captivating products on their website and elevate your space with timeless beauty.

Mohawk offers a wide range of flooring products, including carpet, area rugs, tiles, hardwood, and laminate. Visit their website for a full product listing and more information on their green initiatives.

Nourison, synonymous with quality and elegance, stands tall as a leading brand in the world of carpets and area rugs. Explore their website to immerse yourself in the full collection of their awe-inspiring creations.

Prestige Mills, a prominent carpet and rug producer, blends natural and synthetic materials like wool, sisal, and nylons to craft elegant and fashionable floorings. Discover more on their website and dive into a world of inspiration!

Provenza is your go-to destination for cutting-edge hardwood and waterproof luxury vinyl plank products. Discover the beauty and uniqueness of their offerings on their website.

Shaw is the ultimate supplier of luxurious carpets and exquisite area rugs. Explore their website for a captivating range of products that will elevate your living space.

Stanton, the leading manufacturer and importer of exquisite carpets and custom rugs, invites you to discover a world of high-quality flooring. Embark on a journey of elegance and style, visit their website today to explore the wonders that await you.

Step into the world of Unique Carpets, Ltd. and discover a stunning collection of carpets and area rugs. Visit their website to explore more and indulge in the beauty of fine craftsmanship.

Kane Carpet offers a full range of services, including pre-project consultation, custom color and pattern selections, fiber and texture recommendations, and expert cost analysis. Visit their website here.

Established in 1930, the Wilton carpets of Langhorne Carpet Company grace grand rooms in renowned residences, businesses, and historic landmarks worldwide. Visit their website here.

Visit their website here.

Powerbond®, Modular, Broadloom and Woven. A portfolio of soft surface platforms that offer coordinated styles, extensive colorways and a variety of patterns and textures that enhance the appearance of any commercial environment. Visit their website here.

Visit their website here.